My studio is located in northern california and contains the numerous musical instruments that I have collected over the years.  I record my own music here but primarily use it for jamming and messing around with all my old gear.  I am a bit of an analog synth freak, although I have no qualms with digital either.  The studio is located in the basement and has concrete walls with sound proofing and acoustic treatments.  Here's a brief tour:

The heart of the studio is the Tascam D-4800 digital mixing desk.  It has 48 tracks although I have it configured for 32 in/outputs through a firewire card.  It has software routing so you can basically move any signal from anywhere to anywhere.  The mixer is the control surface for my Apple MacBook Pro which runs Logic.

On the back wall are my collection of synthesizers.  Top left is a Korg Microkorg, below that a Korg MS-2000.  Then my Alesis Andromeda bottom left.  Top right is a Moog Prodigy, then a Dave Smith Prophet 08, the  a Mood Voyager XL.

The rhythm and sequencing section of my studio is quite cluttered.  On the top, from left to right, is the Korg EMX-1, a Roland TB3-3, Korg ESX-1, Roland Drumatix TR-606, Korg Kaoss Quad, Korg Kaossilator, Roland SP-202 Dr. Sample, Korg KMS-30 Midi synchronizer, Korg Kaoss Pad, Dave Smith Evolver and a Meeblip Anode.  Underneath the cabinet is a host of other stuff too - a Roland TR707, a Roland TR-808, Korg EM1, Korg ES1, FutureRetro 777, a Gristleizer and a host of other cool stuff.

I am a mad-keen collector of small musical synths too, all of which are piled on top of every available space.  Here are just a few of them.

Further down the top of the mixing desk is a Korg Monotribe, then the Korg Volca Beats, Volca Bass and Volca Keys analog synths.  Then there's an ancient EDP Wasp (in fine working order!) and an Arturia Minibeast.

But it is not all synths!  I also have a few guitars - a Fender Bass, an acoustic bass, two Fender lead guitars and an acoustic.  On the left you can also see my Mattsen Modular synth.


Next to the mixing desk is a rack with (top to bottom) a Vermona DRM analog drum synthesizer, an Elektron Mono Machine Mk II and an old Behringer 12 track mixer.

On the right of my mixer there's my trusty MacBook Pro running Logic, a Native Instruments Maschine, a Vivid Block midi controller, a Roland Aira VT-3 and an M-Audio midi keyboard.  Studio speakers are M-Audio Studio Series.

On the right of the mixer are the primary effects and the patch panel.  From top to bottom there are three patch panels, which route the various instruments into whatever inputs/effects I want on the mixer.  Then there is a HOSA PDR-369 Microphone input panel, a T.C. Electronic dual engine effects processor, an Antares AVP-1 Vocal Producer, a Lexicon MX400 Stereo Effects Processor, An Aphex Aural Exciter and an Eventide Eclipse effects processor.  Then there's a Roland TR-8 and a Roland TB-3 sitting on the desk - my latest instrument of choice for jamming.

I hope you have enjoyed a tour of my studio.